We offer all services related to the profession of business appraisals:

• Business appraisals

• Intangible asset valuation

• Expert testimony

• Calculation assignments

• Consulting services

Your business appraisal can be delivered to you in different report formats and still be in compliance with Professional Standards. The amount of information that will be required will vary according to the type of report that you will need.

The correct type of report will depend on the intended use of the appraisal. Business appraisal standards provide guidance in selecting the appropriate type of report for your needs.

Detailed Written Report – A detailed report is a comprehensive business appraisal report.

Summary Report – A summary report provides the conclusion of value through an abridged version of the information that would be contained in a detailed report.

Restricted Use Report – A restricted use report can only be used by the client. This report is not intended for use by any party other than the client and is not intended for dissemination to any additional parties.

Oral Report – The oral report must include the same information required to be in the other types of reports. The only difference is method of delivery.

Expert Testimony – Expert testimony is the process of delivering a professional conclusion of value to a judiciary.

Calculation Report – A calculated value is based on methodology and terms and conditions agreed to by the client and the calculator. A calculated value is NOT a professional conclusion of value and is NOT appropriate for use in cases in which litigation is involved.

Consulting Services – Consulting services do not provide an opinion for a business value. Consulting services provide the client with technical knowledge and recommendations to assist the client in decision making process.